Zerust® AxxaWash™ NW-10C

Axxawash NW-10C is an alkaline, low foaming, water-based cleaner.

It can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner or with high-pressure cleaning equipment. Unlike standard solvent-based cleaners, Axxawash NW-10C neutralizes ionic contaminants such as chlorides and sulfates commonly found in metalworking fluids. Use of Axxawash NW-10C significantly increases the corrosion resistance of ferrous metal surfaces.

Axxawash NW-10C is designed for cleaning ferrous metals that are highly susceptible to corrosion, such as cast iron and carbon steel. It improves the performance of corrosion inhibitors contained in corrosion inhibiting coatings of other Zerust/Excor product groups such as Axxatec, Axxanol or Zerust/Excor VCI corrosion inhibiting film.

The advantage of Axxawash NW-10C is high effectiveness against all oil and grease contaminants. Additionally, it is excellent as an oil demulsifier. Available in concentrate form.

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