Shrink film gun

The shrink gun allows all types of goods to be packaged easily and efficiently. The gas cylinder offers unrestricted mobility and does not require an electrical connection.
Thanks to its high power (up to 55 kW), the application possibilities are unlimited: grouping products on a pallet, wrapping products of different shapes, wrapping boats for winter, etc.


The wide nozzle greatly reduces shrinking time and the adjustable pressure valve allows you to adapt to all films and products.


The double pressure safety valve protects the device from any danger of internal heating. The gun is also specially designed to reduce maintenance costs.


The automatic pressure regulator valve avoids gas leakage in case of hose failure. Dead Man’s Handle and cold nozzle system are the primary safety features in the unit.


Balanced and lightweight, it offers optimum comfort of use and its swivel connection avoids unwanted hindrance due to twisted hose.

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