Welding jaws

Sealing jaws – seal all heat-sealable films.

These are impulse jaw sealers, portable, lightweight, easy to operate, which provide a reliable seal of 3mm width and length up to 280mm, 380mm, 630mm (depending on model). Sealing machines are most often used for sealing film (bags) of large dimensions.

These can be e.g:

  • VCI standing bags filled with metal details,
  • VCI films as covers for machinery and equipment.

All sealing machines are used with the supplied transformer-control unit, which has an adjustable sealing time depending on the film thickness. The operating time of the welding machine is indicated by an LED on the transformer, after the LED has gone out, the clamped jaws of the welding machine can be opened.

A universal TPS transformer is necessary for the operation of the device (welding jaws).

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