Zerust® Axxanol™ 33 oil

The product’s anti-corrosion properties are based on two mechanisms: firstly, it forms a barrier that is resistant to rust-causing agents, and secondly, it contains corrosion inhibitors that significantly increase its effectiveness.

Zerust® Axxanol™ 33 is ideally suited for immersion application. The high viscosity of the product prevents gravitational flow from the metal surface and protects it against corrosion for up to 8 months. It retains its maximum properties also in aggressive sea transport conditions. The advantage of the preparation is easy removal with the use of most alkaline surfactants.

The scope of anticorrosion protection covers elements made of ferrous metals and some non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper or brass. It is not dangerous for metals with zinc or phosphate galvanic coating.

Zerust® Axxanol™ 33 is used for the maintenance of components manufactured by companies that supply their products directly to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), such as engine bodies, gears, crankshafts and brake disks.

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