Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD oil

Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD is an anti-corrosion preparation based on fast evaporating solvents. Thanks to the ingredients used, the surface of the protected component remains dry to the touch and safe for the user. A thin oil film is all that is required for Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD to provide full corrosion protection. Furthermore, even aggressive atmospheric conditions such as high temperatures or salty sea air do not affect its effectiveness.

The product’s anti-corrosion properties are based on two mechanisms: firstly, it forms a barrier to corrosive agents, and secondly, corrosion inhibitors significantly increase its effectiveness. Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD can be applied by spraying or dipping. It provides effective corrosion protection for up to 6 months under warehouse or shipping conditions, and up to 5 years with VCI corrosion protection packaging!

Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD is highly effective in protecting metal parts from corrosion, as confirmed by numerous tests conducted in salt and climatic chambers. The salt spray durability according to DIN B117 is 16 hours.

Zerust® Axxanol™ 34CD is used in the preservation of steel components, but can also be used with other metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and the available galvanic coatings.

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