VCI flat bags

Bags made of VCI anticorrosion film give the possibility of packing a single detail or a group of elements. The dimensions of the anticorrosion bags are tailored to the customer’s requirements, without any dimensional restrictions.

VCI film, from which the bags are made, provides corrosion protection for metal parts during long shipments, especially by sea, and during storage. It combines high anticorrosion effectiveness and versatility of polyethylene film. Contains Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). VCIs are in the form of an invisible, odorless and non-toxic vapor that inhibits corrosion.

In a sealed bag, the VCI vapor molecules settle on exposed metal surfaces and interrupt the electrochemical corrosion process. When the workpiece is removed from the VCI bag, the protective layer evaporates from the surface, leaving no residue. Your product can be used immediately, without wasting time cleaning the surface.

The VCI bag is easy to use and extremely versatile. The double-sided anti-corrosion action makes packaging faster and protection more thorough.

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