VCI shrink film

VCI heat shrinkable film is a professional product designed to protect steel parts and components or entire machines against direct exposure to harmful weather conditions.

It has a very low water vapor transmission rate and appropriate UV stabilization. Thanks to unique additives, the film does not degrade even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is perfect for protecting elements exposed to severe weather conditions such as rain, snow or low temperatures.

Machines protected with VCI shrink film can be transported by ship on open platforms. The VCI corrosion inhibiting additive used in our products is in the form of an invisible, odorless and non-toxic vapor that inhibits corrosion. In a package made of Zerust®/Excor® film, the VCI molecules settle on exposed metal surfaces and interrupt the electrochemical corrosion process. The protective layer evaporates from the metal surface leaving no residue. Your product can be used immediately, without wasting time on additional cleaning of its surface.

The foil is shrink-wrapped, which makes it fit perfectly to the shape of each element, protecting it from mechanical damage. VCI shrink film is offered both as an anti-corrosion version with VCI and as a film for standard shrink packaging.

We also offer the appropriate tools for shrink wrapping service such as shrink torches, extenders, heat sealers, film splicing tapes, etc.

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