VCI paper on roll

VCI paper on a roll is a packaging paper containing Volatile Corossion Inhibitors (VCI). VCIs are in the form of an invisible, odorless and non-toxic vapor that inhibits corrosion. It is easy to use and extremely versatile.

The dual-sided corrosion inhibiting action prevents application errors and makes packaging take less time. Regardless of the product shape, the protection works in a sealed package.

VCI paper on a roll is a high quality paper that is strong and resistant to abrasion. It can be used to package large parts or as an additional source of VCI in a package made of another Zerust®/Excor® material.

Standard corrosion protection is provided for at least one year. However, effective protection is possible for up to two years if the manufacturer’s recommendations and shipping and packaging instructions are followed.

The paper is available in two weights: 40g/m2 and 70g/m2 and widths:

  • 780mm,
  • 1000mm,
  • 1560mm.

Rolls of 25kg and 50kg, depending on size and basis weight.

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