ActivPak (LS) Emiters

The advantage of using ActivPak (LS) emitters is their versatility. They are perfect as a support for protection with anti-corrosion packages by increasing the concentration of VCI molecules in the package, which increases the level of safety of your products. The size of ActivPak (LS) sachet containing the right amount of active substance is adjusted to the volume of protected surface.

ActivPak (LS) emitters are perfect for corrosion protection of steel components and electrical cabinets in areas with high concentrations of aggressive corrosive gases – e.g. chemical plants, wastewater treatment plants, refineries and power plants, offshore platforms and in the marine industry.

ATTENTION: ActivPak (LS) should not come into direct contact with copper, brass or zinc coated products. In these cases it is advisable to contact a Zerust/Excor specialist to select the correct corrosion protection to meet your needs.

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