VCI capsules

VCI corrosion protection capsules are used to protect metal components in hard-to-reach areas, such as inside control panels and electrical cabinets. The maintenance process does not require taking them out of service. The capsules can also be used in conjunction with Zerust/Excor VCI packages for additional protection.

Installation of the VCI capsules is quick and easy. Simply peel the protective paper off the adhesive tape and attach the capsule to the desired location. Capsule-protected enclosures should be sealed so that the volatile corrosion inhibitor remains inside. The period of protection of metals against corrosion is from one to two years, depending on the capsule model and environmental conditions.


  • Effective corrosion protection where traditional methods cannot be used
  • easy to install, economical solution
  • does not affect the operation of circuits or sensitive components
  • Suitable for protecting both new and existing equipment.

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